About Us

Who is Liberty James

Liberty James gives back. We are believers in the currency of compassion. Fusing faith with entrepreneurship. Championing liberty, tolerance, and service to others. And at the heart of it all? Love.

Whatever our backgrounds are, no matter how different we are from each other—we are all brothers and sisters. We’re dedicated to giving back to those that have sacrificed for this country.

Our Creative Team

Meet our creative artist! These people are the creative minds behind the magic. They’re dedicated, big hearted dreamers and Liberty James wouldn’t be the same without them!

The Liberty James Hero Store

We celebrate and support everyday heros. Powered by our patriotism, compassion, and our love for charity. Get inspiration through our music and show your commitment by giving back. You can support one of your favorite charities while listening to our music. Take a listen to some of our tracks: #webelieveinlove